Many have wished to create an operational artificial intelligence that can work independently and not just follow a script. You want this type of interaction to know the difference between attackers and nonfunctional users. People have tried to create this system for years, but many points would cause it to fail.

I had an idea how to do it, but I was too busy to create an item I was not getting paid to do. Luck has it. I got severely injured on December 30, 2014, and I got hospitalized for severe spinal damage. I used my recovery time and payment for my injury to fund the expenses, and created a working hardware and software solution.

This task was not easy, and it took years to recover. I spent considerable time and money building and designing the system with a balance. I had to make it work like a quantum computer and react like one to achieve this goal.

I would need to base it on a quantum computer to achieve this goal, but no hardware could identify a response and reaction. Only one quantum system can identify and react to responses and reactions with little to no effort. The human body is the most complex, and the oldest quantum system is known to humankind.

The organs of the human body are independent and process their data sources, but they are not reaching out to pull data in. keeping in mind this is a crucial point on how they work at tremendous speed and low temperatures. The organs listen for data entangled in its identification and ignore other data without its entangled ID.

I broke it down into its simplest forms and replicated the process creating many primary functions that operate independently, but accept data from other sources. Different parts can send data to other tasks in the system and allow data from outside sources as long as the data gets entangled to the functions.

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