Here we show how using the current Blockchains, a Cyber Engram was made to operate a new Artificial Intelligence. Not only does it increase the functions and performance issues in the current Artificial Intelligence systems, but the system is secured and protected, just like the current Crypto Currency.

Since 1993, I have been building automation systems to eliminate human error in production and deployment. I have worked with many automation systems over the years, some of them replaced human jobs, but most of them cut down the workload and increased safety. Today many are coming out with systems they are calling Artificial Intelligence, but under closer examination, I have found they are nothing more than glorified systems I have worked on in the past.

None of the current Artificial Intelligence systems I have looked over show any form of Intelligence, I have noticed that they are nothing more than complex logic systems with the selections being automated. This is okay if you are not planning to have the system learn and grow, but if you wish to grow the intelligence side of it you have to increase hardware and upload new software. This is why I tell people that it is not an Artificial Intelligence because it has no way it can learn on its own.

A true Artificial Intelligence is not only able to learn on its own, but the hardware and software should not have to be upgraded every time it learns something new. On this website, you find that the project I have been working on is not only a true Artificial Intelligence, but it is able to learn, think and respond like humans do.

There is tons of talk about the security of the Artificial Intelligence from hackers, but on this website, you will see I have not only created a solution but turned it into a marketable venue for users and businesses. I have added skills to the Artificial Intelligence Engine that can not only scan your internal internet, but it can scan all the external networks connected to your network. The network scanner is also able to scan for the user's personal information and report back to the user who is using their information and where they are using their information on.

The Artificial Intelligence Engine has been taught how to detect over 98% of the current hacking tools, Ransomware, and Malware exploits available to hackers. Once detected all the information is stored in a database and used to protect all the users from attacks by blocking connections to the hackers and their hosts. If a new hacker is detected trying to access your network the system will detect them and shut down the connection blocking them from you and all other users.

Ransomware Detection
Infected Hosts : 2537933
Transmitting Hosts : 357322
Detected Keys : 25784
Hacking Detection
Active Hackers : 63238
Detected Drones : 3247934
Detected Hosts : 465217
Facial Recognition
Faces Found : 324532
Faces Identified : 43563
Faces Rendered : 1853
Hosted Skills
Core Skills : 683
Private Skills : 268
Shared Skills : 1467
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