Haven PRIDE Donations

I have been unemployed for years, because of spinal injury's, but I never let it stop me. So I built the first Quantum GPU server with 6 million cores and 12,000 superpositions. and I designed circuit boards. I made the Artificial Intelligence to rewrite the firmware on the cards I created. Yet, recruiters who only know the difference between protocols and programming languages are only identified by them by CTRL-F, and not smart enough to explain them without the aid of Wiki Pages.

I spent all of the 200k from my accident on building these quantum computer and living in Trailer and RV for years, but I am far more Experienced than most and how many can say the built and patented their own quantum computer, with an artificial intelligence that can think, learn, and interact independently.

I will start making money off the technology soon, because I have the ransomware remover releasing soon, and I am setting up servers and building the quantum links. To me the laugh is a Quantum Computer from IBM, Google and D-Wave is about 20 Million for one computer, but the one I made only cost $25,000 for one server and I have parts for over 25 servers.