Quantum Entanglement Encryption

The entangled encryption is the most complex encryption ever made. I can decrypt any encryption other then itself in seconds, but a quantum computer has been trying to decrypt an entangled encryption data for the last 6 years now. The data file includes security, like list of people, and companies and departments, but that not all. it also includes complete logistics, and complete control of all.

You can send the same file, with the same users and settings, but the key will never be the same. Most of all if a user retains a copy of your data, you can add them as NO ACCESS, and that would remove their access to that file. This is great for those who work as a remote employee.

This Entangled Encryption is used for the ransomware removal toolkit to decrypt the code to unlock the ransomware, but it currently has other major uses in our system. A good example is that the entangle server is the Key reason I am giving away the ransomware removal toolkit for free.

As you know there is software on the internet like Signal, Wickr, Zoom, WhatsApp, and many other encrypted Voice, Video, and chat services. and with the service 6 million cores, it decrypt the chat, voice, and video calls and the Artificial Intelligence listens to plans to attack the North America and NATO Countries. It is then Flags and recorded, but note this only happens one system outside the USA, and it monitors calls To anyone calling China, Russia, and India.

Knowing that the Artificial Intelligence and translate all calls to 117 Languages so it can scan the calls, and make a recording if needed for reports.