Quantum Ransomware Removal Toolkit

The ransomware removal toolkit can detect all forms of ransomware and attack by hackers. It can detect all computers on the network that was infected by ransomware, and with the quantum entanglement it is able to generate unlock code, and remove ransomware keeping your data safe.

The main Quantum computer uses over 1000 virtual servers to scan social media, and identify pictures and information, It leans the name and identities, plus all their friends social media. With the pictures that have been uploaded it discovers their IP addresses and GEO locations of who uploaded pictures and videos all around the world.

The system tries to match the IP to the database of all the social media, and that is over 5.6 billion users worldwide, and if match found their information is publish to public and law enforcement. However, if not found then the IP and host are pulled from ARN and information is published to authorities.

Hackers Hide behind privacy to hack your data, and the hacker who attack company for money don't deserve privacy and protection. The deals there were made between Russia, China, India, and North Korea are jeopardizing the National Security of the USA.